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Algae for Aquafeeds

22 July 2021

This webinar aims to present the current status of the use of microalgae for aquaculture. Microalgae are utilized in aquaculture as live feeds for all growth stages of bivalve molluscs (eg. oysters, scallops, clams and mussels), for the larval/early juvenile stages of abalone, crustaceans and some fish species, and for zooplankton used in aquaculture food chains. Over the last four decades, several hundred microalgae species have been tested as food, but probably less than twenty have gained widespread use in aquaculture. The current application are relevant across the aquaculture sector: Bivalve molluscs, Penaeid shrimp, Marine fish and other. The available products include live algae produced with different types of reactors as well as microalgae paste and dried microalgae.

For more info and registration: https://algaeworkshops.org/algae-workshops/algae-for-aquafeeds/