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EABA Algae biofertilizer and biostimulants technical webinar

7 October 2020

October 6

14.00 Dry run and introduction of all participants

October 7

09:00 Opening presentation
All about Algae Biofertilizer and Biostimulants: Gabriel Acien

09:40 Pitch presentation (2 min+1 min Q&A) from each participant

10:20 Panel #1 – Biofertilizers x biostimulants

11:00 Time to grab a coffee or tea

11:10 Panel #2 – Seaweed x microalgae related products

11:50 Panel #3 – Production and marketing

12:30 Mini break for getting your lunch

12:50 Lunch roundtables: choose one of the tables to have a discussion – round up

13:20 Panel #4 – Regulatory and legal

14:00 Panel #5 – Analytics and Quality

14:40 Time to grab a coffee or tea

14:50 Panel #6 – New product trends

15:30 Workshop conclusions

16:00 Workshop closure

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For more information and registration: https://algaeworkshops.org/algae-biofertilizer-and-biostimulants/