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EABA Novel Proteins and Applications from Algae Biomass

17 June 2021

Macroalgae (seaweed) and microalgae are examples of under-exploited “crops”. Algae do not compete with traditional food crops for space and resources. Seaweed and microalgae are considered a viable source of protein with many species producing a complete protein with regard to amino acid composition. Some species of seaweed and microalgae are known to contain protein levels similar to those of traditional protein sources, such as meat, egg, soybean, and milk. Algae use for protein production has several benefits over traditional high-protein crop use in terms of productivity, sustainability and nutritional value.

Unfortunately, the wider utilization and market uptake of macroalgae or microalgae-derived products as food and beverage ingredients is not competitive yet, mainly due to the combination of price point, ready availability at viable scale and barriers around taste and regulation; all these barriers are being actively addressed. . Once these hurdles are overcome, incorporating microalgae as food ingredients will not only provide health benefits but will also contribute to improving issues related to sustainability, taking into account the growing population and our current diet, habits, and health.

For more info and registration: https://algaeworkshops.org/algae-workshops/novel-proteins-and-applications-from-algae-biomass/