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EABA Spirulina Workshop

13 November 2019

Spirulina production is the oldest and the largest microalgae business activity in volume. Therefore is very relevant to bring together the main stakeholders for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The workshop has a compact format with a panel-based organization. Each panel has a specific topic and a duration of 1 hour; 20 minutes for the presentation of the topic and 40 minutes for discussion and conclusions. Each panel will have an invited chair, and the participants in the panel will be volunteers from the participant group. There will be minutes from the event with the key conclusions for each panel.

“When we say Spirulina we refer to a ‘brand’ related with the microalgae Arthrospira that belongs to the cyanobacteria taxonomic group”

More information and registration: https://algaeworkshops.org/spirulina/