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Innovative EABA Start-ups webinar

7 March 2022

EABA Webinar.

Do you want to change the world? And make your business vision a reality?

Start-ups dream of giving the world and the society something it needs but has not been created yet.

They have also another appeal: eye-popping valuations with an astronomical return on investment. Are you in this profile? But to succeed, many crucial questions must be answered:

  • Is the team obsessively passionate about the idea?
  • Do the founders have domain experience?
  • Are they willing to take the time?
  • Why this idea and why now?
  • How big is the market?

In this webinar, we will exchange information with experienced people who have been successful in developing innovative ideas. Participate and share your experience with us too!

For more information: https://algaeworkshops.org/innovative-eaba-start-ups-webinar/