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Courtesy of Mike Allen and Steve Gschmeissner

Senior Research Associate: CyanoSource

We are seeking one researcher to join a joint University of Edinburgh/UEA Biotechnology and Biological Sciences (BBSRC) funded study to build CyanoSource, the first barcoded cyanobacterial mutant library and plasmid resource for the model cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. This project utilises recently developed genetic tools developed by the two groups (Vasudevan et al, Plant Physiology, 2019) and the automated facilities at the Edinburgh Genome Foundry and the Earlham DNA Foundry. The successful applicant will construct and maintain the mutant library and receive training to perform high-throughput PCR and plasmid vector assembly, and mutant construction using automated facilities. The position is full time and available for a fixed term of 24 months.



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