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Optimising strain selection and developing a biorefinery for industrially relevant micro-algae

The main objective of this proposal is to improve the potential for commercial-scale algal biotechnology by employing different algal biorefinery approaches. Candidate species will be selected based upon their biochemical profile and cellular characteristics, ease of cultivation, and commercialisation potential. For example, Chlorella spp., Nannochloropsis spp., Phaeodactylum sp. and Tisochyrsis sp. are all capable of synthesising an array of pigments, carotenoids and essential fatty acids that make them potentially valuable for nutrition, pharmaceutical and aquaculture feed industries. Furthermore, they all have different cell morphologies which give them varying degrees of recalcitrance to downstream processing. In order to obtain the highest value from the biomass produced, a variety of cell disruption (freeze/thawing, bead milling, sonication) and product purification (filtration, centrifugation, chromatography) techniques will be investigated. Feasibility studies can then be performed in large-scale photobioreactors to give a better overview of the commercial potential of industrial micro-algal biotechnology. Another sticking point is the lack of tailoring culture of media and conditions to the microalgal specie being exploited. This can have a major impact in terms of the quality and quantity of biomass produced

Link: https://www.findaphd.com/phds/project/optimising-strain-selection-and-developing-a-biorefinery-for-industrially-relevant-micro-algae/?p110089


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