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Courtesy of Mike Allen and Steve Gschmeissner

PhD Studentship: Forming Bioelectronics and Ecology

We are pleased to announce a PhD studentship in the Hub for Biotechnology in the Build Environment, a world-first biotechnology research centre spanning across arts, humanities and sciences. We are looking for a ‘hybrid’ interdisciplinary researcher to join Marin’s group, investigating ecosophical (environmental, social and aesthetic) solutions for the global challenge of electrical wastes in tandem with carbon-neutral architectural visions. This position will take a leading role in biodesign by exploring biology in action, particularly photosynthesis, to design ecological interfaces of technology and aesthetics in biophotovoltaics and, more widely, bioelectronics.

The successful candidate will develop the photosynthetically powered biological battery technology – ‘Solar Biobattery’ – from a Proof-of-Concept stage (Sawa M, Fantuzzi A, Bombelli P, Howe CJ, Hellgardt K & Nixon PJ (2017) Electricity generation from digitally printed cyanobacteria. Nature Commun. 8, 1327) to demonstrating the feasibility of integrating thin-film paper-based systems into interior architecture, partly continuing existing collaborations.

The central aim of this research is to form an artificial ecology in which to renew, repair and sustain the biology-integrated system for biophotovoltaics by considering interrelations with the dwelling environment. It will explore 1) longevity and life cycle, 2) membrane and modular system 3) scalability.  It is hoped to blueprint a transdisciplinary approach to biodesign – design-led biotechnology.

For more information: https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/CHB469/phd-studentship-forming-bioelectronics-and-ecology


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