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Courtesy of Mike Allen and Steve Gschmeissner

Project Manager

About Us: SuSeWi Ltd is a late-stage R&D company which has developed and tested a patented methodology to grow wildtype microalgae at scale, in controlled, land-based open raceway ponds, using natural and free inputs such as Sun-Sea-Wind (hence Su-Se-Wi). Our laboratory in North London promotes interdisciplinary research between biology, chemistry, and engineering; with the aim to better understand the effects of environmental factors on algal physiology, productivity and stoichiometry. The research produced in London is directly relayed back to our subsidiary production company in Morocco, which currently runs a real-world growing system on a small scale. The R&D is focused on three main areas: improving production; enhancing and expanding our product range and quality; and design engineering the full-scale production system. We have a network of partnerships and collaborations in the UK, Europe and Morocco. The role will focus, first and foremost, on delivering currently funded projects over a three-year period.

About the Project:

  • AGRI-SATT (Agricultural Growth using Remote-sensing, IoT, Satellite and Autonomous Telecommand Technology) is a 30-month programme funded by Innovate UK from the ISCF Future food production systems grant. The aim is to combine newly available, highresolution spatial and temporal satellite data with key environmental and algal productivity data to create an effective, scalable, protein and food production system on desert land. The project is led by SuSeWi and includes the collaboration of academic partners (SAMS and Southampton University) and several subcontractors (Environmental Systems, BSC Global and Feed Algae Maroc).
  • Running in parallel is a 36-month programme involving the isolation, characterisation and valorisation of Moroccan marine microalgae for the large-scale production of smart fertilisers, bio-stimulants and soil amendments. The project is led by SuSeWi with collaboration/coordination across multiple stakeholders.
  • Also running concurrently is a product development programme, with the goal of producing new, more affordable biomass including pigments, bulk protein or egg-white substitutes, long-chain poly-unsaturated-fatty acids, that are not affordable with algae on industrial scale today. The objective of this programme is to establish a staged route to market for highly sustainable biomass into food and feed. The project is designed to create an efficient and practical path to access new markets for algal extracts in the UK and internationally.

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