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Courtesy of Mike Allen and Steve Gschmeissner

Research Assistant

SuSeWi is a UK-based algal aquaculture company, who has developed and tested a patented methodology to grow wildtype microalgae at scale, in controlled, land-based open raceway ponds, using free inputs such as Sun-Sea-Wind (hence Su-Se-Wi). Our London laboratory promotes interdisciplinary research between biology, chemistry, and engineering; with the aim of better understanding the effects of environmental factors on cell physiology, productivity and stoichiometry. The research we produce is directly relayed back to our production facility in Morocco to further improve pond operations and enhance produce yields.

About the Role:
We’re recruiting a Research Assistant to help in our ongoing Product Development laboratory experiments. Our existing programme of work aims to characterise, extract and valorise marine microalgae for the large-scale production of high value products. To achieve this goal, you’d be expected to scale-up algal cultures, before analysing biochemical compositions and products using in-house analytical equipment as well as arranging additional analysis through 3rd party vendors. Once initially screened, more detailed analysis of fatty acids, pigments, proteins and pigments will be measured
across varying growth conditions. In addition to cultivation and analysis; you will be expected to also help develop and optimise extraction methods and purification steps.

For more information:

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