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Courtesy of The Scottish Association of Marine Science


We are currently working with partners to establish some learning resources for schools. In the meantime, you might find the following sites useful for your school projects:

Biological Fuel Cells: https://www.fuelcellstore.com/blog-section/biological-fuel-cells-and-the-bio-production-of-hydrogen

Photosynthesis kit: http://www.ncbe.reading.ac.uk/MATERIALS/Plant%20science/photosynkit.html

US-based algae kit supplier (will ship to UK): https://algaeresearchsupply.com/

AlgaTalk Podcast

Here you will find a series of podcasts on algae by Jack and Ivan – two algae enthusiasts working in the algae industry. AlgaTalk is their show about all things algae, and they created it because they wanted to share thei passion and help others discover the wonders of algae.

Episode Zero
Episode 1. History of Phycology: Ancient Japan, Chinese Poetry and Aztecs
Episode 2. History of Phycology: Dawson Turner
Episode 3. Deep Dive: Algae in Beer Brewing
Episode 4. History of Phycology: Fathers of Phycology
Episode 5. The Adventures of an Algae Fanboy in Great Britain
Episode 6. History of Phycology: The Final Frontier
Episode 7. Ireland’s First Female Botanist (with Frances Gallagher)
Episode 8. Algae in Design
Episode 9. Seaweed Chef of Denmark
Episode 10. What’s In A Name?
Episode 11. Algae, Chemicals and Medicine (with Ally Hughes)
Episode 12. Challenges of growing seaweed in the Philippines
Episode 13. AlgaTalk Live! at AlgaFest
Episode 14. Algae As The Food of The Future
Episode 15. Harmful Algal Blooms – The Dark Side of Algae
Episode 16. Algae-Animal Symbiotic Relationships
Episode 18. Part 1. Ellen Hutchins, The Irish Queen of Seaweeds
Episode 18. Part 2. Ellen Hutchins, The Story Worth Telling
Episode 19. Talking Biofuel with Maxwell Ware
Episode 20. Talking Commercial Algae with Hagai Stadler
Episode 21. British Phycological Society Conference 2020. Part 1
Episode 22. Discovering Algae Design Capabilities with Samuel Iliffe
Episode 23. Using Algae to Fight Diseases (including COVID-19)
Episode 24. BPS Chronicles: A Portable Microscope, Algae Oil and Photobioreactors

You can find the Algtalk website here: https://www.algatalk.com/